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MINUS WORLD: A new campaign hook

Minus World is a dark magical girl Valor campaign with horror overtones and an extra-high level of challenging combat. Inspirations include Yuki Yuna is a Hero, Sleepless Domain, Stephen King's IT, and every time in a video game when you glitch out of the world geometry to find weird shit you weren't supposed to find.

Centuries ago, in a day of darkness and fire, the once-vast world was mostly erased. The small remaining fragment of it is what was protected by the Pearl, an artifact of unknown origin that now stands as the exact center of the inhabitable world. A wide circular barrier projects out from it, holding at bay whatever evil force claimed the rest of the old world, allowing humanity one last bastion of safety.

However, the entity that destroyed the rest of the world apparently couldn't be satisfied with not finishing the job. Monsters roam the ruins of the old world, but they can't break through the Pearl's barrier. However, they can sometimes get around it by using the Minus World, a broken mirror of reality existing unsteadily alongside it. Within the Minus World, the rules of reality are inconsistent, space behaves in unpredictable ways, and nothing works like it's supposed to. The monsters hunting mankind can sneak through frayed edges in the Minus World to reach inside the barrier, then use crackes in reality to ultimately make their way back to the world we live in. Once they get there, disaster awaits - either from simple death and destruction, or from the worst case scenario of one of them reaching and destroying the Pearl.

Despite the powerful forces working towards humanity's destruction, there is still hope. The same power that created the barrier, the Pearl, is also the key to preventing monsters from wiping out mankind. Whenever a human first touches the Pearl, there is a chance that it will awaken great power within them. The rules of this are still poorly understood, but there are trends - those who successfully awaken are those who try between the ages of 13 and 18, and they are almost uniformly female. Those granted power are formally called Guardians (or more colloquially, Magical Girls), and are humanity's last vanguard against the monsters. Their power allows them to travel to the Minus World and do battle there in order to save the world from the forces of darkness.

It's common practice for most teenagers to visit the Pearl to try and awaken at some point. Those that succeed can choose either to register publically as Guardians or to fight under an alias to keep their personal life separate from their gauntlet of battle. Some fight alone, while others form teams to protect each other and fight together. The exact nature of their powers varies widely from person to person, but there are some points of consistency as well - the vast majority of powers are normally latent, and are accessed by transforming into a magically-attuned state for a temporary surge of power. Being magical in nature, they're much more powerful in the Minus World, where the laws of physics are already tenuous at best. Magical powers grow with use, but gradually fade in strength as the Guardian gets older, giving them a decade or so in which to fight in their prime.

While their powers are great, the trials Guardians face are far beyond anything a normal human could ever overcome. The monsters lurking in the Minus World are endlessly varied, seemingly changing after every battle to respond to the methods used to destroy them. Some of the most powerful monsters are intelligent enough to communicate with humans and even directly attack their minds - however, every appeal to kindness or mercy to those monsters apparently smart enough to understand them has fallen upon deaf ears. When facing impossible odds and certain death, a Guardian has one last weapon at their disposal, in the ability to ask the Pearl itself for more power. The Pearl will always answer their call, but it will ask for a price to be paid in exchange. Each time, the price will be steeper.

Over history, monster attacks rise and fall in rough cycles spanning several years, gradually building in intensity and frequency before suddenly stopping. Right now, we're in the middle of another rise, and it's happening with unprecedented speed. If things continue as they have before, humanity will eventually be wiped out by a force they were never able to understand.

System will be Valor, with a minimum of house rules. Campaign will run from level 1 to level 10. You can find the basic balancing house rules here. Aside from those, three major changes.

One, death is easy to come by in this world. If at any point your character falls below negative 40% HP - the reverse of your Critical value - you will be forever lost to the darkness. Players who lose a character can either bow out (if we have other players ready to join) or create a new character to replace them.

Two, asking the Pearl for power. When all hope seems lost, you can appeal to the source of your power for a glimpse of victory. You will be asked to pay a price - if you are willing, then your Health and Stamina will be fully restored, your Valor will be set to 10, and all negative statuses and expended ammunition will be restored. The only thing that won't be reset is expended Ultimate Techniques. The price will be paid once the battle ends.

Three, combat in the Minus World. Because the geometry of this world is borked beyond recognition, there will be lots of cases of strange battlefield features. Expect walls that only exist from certain angles, battlefields that wrap around some edges, and whatever other glitchy insanity I can come up with. On the other hand, if you're forced to fight in the real world, characters will be fighting at a sharp disadvantage. The exact mechanical effects of this have yet to be determined.

As a final note, as the game progresses, I will be building the encounters hard. I plan to push the limits of what's reasonable as a Valor encounter, to see how far the party can push to surpass their limits and claim victory.

This game will begin after Fists of Asphalt comes to an end. It will meet weekly, for about 3 hours, some time between Monday and Friday, depending on player availability. Seeking 3 to 5 players, ideally with one of them being newly-awakened and the rest being an established team of Guardians. Valor experience is not required but at least some tabletop knowledge is a plus.

Reply with the following:
  • Your Plurk handle.
  • Times/days during the week when you're available for a session.
  • Possible character concepts.
  • Setting/game questions, if you have any.
  • A video game gif.

[personal profile] nerdorama 2016-09-13 05:05 pm (UTC)(link)
Plurk: Nerdo
Availability: By winter, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday evenings (after 7 central). I could squeeze in like, guest appearances on Saturday or Sunday afternoons but I couldn't do those regularly.
Character Concepts: Gun Witch (I hope you didn't think I was joking) or possibly an academically-minded girl who studies the Minus World scientifically and exploits in in fights. Actually, why not both. I never did get to play the one Agi/Min character I put together.
Setting/Game questions: I am bad at asking useful questions so I'll leave that to others.

If that doesn't work, does this?
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scribblenautics: (TAAAAIGA DOJO)

[personal profile] scribblenautics 2016-09-13 05:32 pm (UTC)(link)
Plurk: [ profile] lollichop
Availability: By winter I think my best bet would be Monday through Thursday, anytime after 5-6PM EST.
Character Concepts: I'm not totally sure what a reasonably simple build would be just yet, but offhand I'm thinking someone possibly speed/agility focused, maybe a mid-to-long ranged fighter with something like throwing knives?
Setting/Game questions: My only real concern is that I have a fair secondhand understanding of tabletop mechanics but none of Valor in particular. I'll see if I can spectate you guys for a while as well as research things independently the best I'm able to. I'm a little intimidated but entirely willing to learn if you guys can be patient with me as I work it out.

(disclaimer: i am not kind of a big deal)
scribblenautics: (Default)

[personal profile] scribblenautics 2016-09-13 05:36 pm (UTC)(link)
I can absolutely do that! I've been meaning to look in on a couple when i see them pop up on plurk, I've just been a little apprehensive with the amateur player jitters. I'll definitely spectate a few when they come up from now on, though.
biichan: (misc: kamikaze girls are go!)

[personal profile] biichan 2016-09-13 09:09 pm (UTC)(link)
Plurk: [ profile] obiisama
Availability: Anytime but after 7pm PST on Wednesdays and Thursdays during the school year. Winter I'm mostly free all around.
Character Concepts: I'd enjoy being the newly awakened ingenue!
Setting/Game Questions: I've played a lot of tabletop, but this would end up being my first Valor.
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awestriker: (dreaming)

[personal profile] awestriker 2016-09-14 12:39 am (UTC)(link)
Plurk: [ profile] awestriker
Availability: Friday evenings, Saturday all days, Sunday mornings, most but not all Sunday evenings, Wednesday evenings pending the end of VPS. Mountain timezone.
Character concepts: A high-energy-damage (i.e. Mind/Spirit) girl that gets around her lack of mobility using... well, you've probably guessed what skills (I'm kind of envisioning her as kinda like Bedman from Guilty Gear, but not awful). Definitely a veteran, probably did the... whatever, and paid the price, at least once and I definitely expect we'll be talking that out if I get picked.
Questions: I'm bad at asking good questions too. Aside from "is my vet character having already Done The Thing once okay" but that's been asked.

Sample space tricks.
remaix: (1 - 2 - 3 - FINALE!)

[personal profile] remaix 2016-09-14 05:06 pm (UTC)(link)
Plurk: [ profile] remaix
Availability: Available basically every day. Other than Thursday until the end of VPK, anyways. When it comes to starting time, welp, still got that European timezone. CET, to be specific. I don't mind starting pretty late, though 1AM CET is pretty much my limit. Just for the sake of reference here, VPK currently starts at 12 AM for me.
Character Concepts: I've got character ideas in mind for either a snarky, deadpan, super Done™ character or more of an excited bubbly character, who knows which one I'll go with. Not sure yet what type of build yet, though for that second personality concept I'd probably focus on Guts a lot.
Questions: ...Nah, I'm actually good.
hotshot_momma: (Default)

[personal profile] hotshot_momma 2016-09-14 06:00 pm (UTC)(link)
Plurk: blissauthority (how do I actually link to a plurk I've never managed)
Availability: Basically not Th-F-Sa, but any time else is fine. I'm on Pacific time and prefer afternoons and evenings.
Character Concepts: Either a fiery blaster character who blasts fire, or a healer more in the vein of 108% Done healers who have been on one too many raids with dumbdumb tanks than soft gentle protectors
Questions: None right now, but this would be my first Valor game.
Video Game Gif:

[personal profile] kamikasei 2016-09-15 06:22 pm (UTC)(link)
Plurk: [ profile] kamikasei
Availability: European time, so like 1200-1700 Central. Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday would be my best days. I could maybe do a time that started late Pacific on Friday, making it very early on my Saturday.
Concepts: Would almost certainly develop as I actually finally read the Valor PDF I own, but at the moment I'm thinking a spacey artist who's fascinated by the strangeness of Minus World and may have been sneaking there secretly without revealing her awakening to anyone else for a while before the game starts.
Setting questions: So Guardians lose power with age, but does this only kick in once you awaken, or is there an incentive to try to awaken as young as you may be eligible for it? Also: can the fact of your awakening be concealed when it happens, or is maintaining an alter ego something done with the cooperation of the authorities, who always know whether someone got hit by lightning (or whatever) when they touched the Pearl?
kaosblaze: (supersketchy)

[personal profile] kaosblaze 2016-09-16 09:13 pm (UTC)(link)
Name: Kasu | [ profile] kaosblaze
Availability: Currently my schedule is pretty open considering I don't have a job yet. However, this may change. Since I'm operating out of Los Angeles now, I'm in the PST zone, so keep in mind I'm 2 hours behind CST.
Concepts: Agi/Spr Companion/Clone Build (trying something new here), a girl who can tap into the glitchiness of the Minus World to create a shadow copy of herself to maneuver around the battlefield and strike from weird angles. Personality wise she's... probably not all there, since poking at the Minus World barrier isn't super great for one's sanity. But she's sweet.
Setting Questions: Is something like the above allowed? A girl who's awakened, but also slightly corrupted by her powers drawing from the Minus World? If not, I can rephrase the above so that she has a magical familiar. I'd just like to play out some duplicated sprite shenanigans.
lesyay: (wait what is this)

[personal profile] lesyay 2016-09-16 10:06 pm (UTC)(link)
PLURK [ profile] deerleisure
AVAILABILITY Wed after 6, ending before 10 ET ; Friday after 6 ET; Sat or Sun after 4 ET
1. closeted trans girl who views being a Guardian as something only real girls get to do and touched the Pearl to try and prove to themselves that they should give up on their idea and whoops now I'm a magic girl what do I do now
2. once that character dies, you get Asshole: The Magic Girl, a veteran who's skirted death a thousand times and come out alive. however every time she joins a group, those AROUND her die, so she keeps people at a distance (by being Asshole: The Magic Girl) and works solo
QUESTIONS What are some cool brands, pop culture refs, etc. that we should know to play teenage girls

[personal profile] durendal 2016-09-18 05:17 pm (UTC)(link)
Plurk: @blazingfool
Availability: Any night but Mondays! I'm in a few other Valor games but just as a player, so I don't foresee multitasking being a problem.
Concepts: I wouldn't mind recycling that one girl I did in your Final Fantasy game, older onee-sama veteran who was recently wounded/disabled and forced to change fighting styles. Probably a caster. Alternatively, someone like Kainé, an angry rude asshole with a secret heart of gold. Speaking of which, Malevolent Entity could be fun, haven't played with that since Valor first started!
Questions: he thrusts his fists against the post and still insists he sees the ghosts